87 Turbo T Moon Roof

Blue on Blue, Moon Roof, Buckets/Console, In family since 1989, Interior in excellent condition, Body/paint good with some surface rust starting in a few spots, Motor rebuilt stock, Trans rebuilt with billet inners, Orange or Red stripe converter(Can't recall), TA52 Turbo, 50LB injectors, 3"THDP, KB Headers, Hooker duels, KB plenum with spacer, 62MM TB, Moser axles with rear disc conversion, LS1 MAF with trans. Front mount intercooler. Runs great/strong.
I will try to figure out how to post some pictures or just email me and i can send them to you
$6500 Firm
A few pictures


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how many miles on it? and can you take a picture of the trunk sticker so we can see the options the car has?
I might come and look at it this weekend! I will write about it on here about it so it will attract others. I also may be interested in it.. But I really hate the blue interiors :p. Nothing a little paint and cloth can't fix though.
proud new owner of this car

I'm the one that just bought this car,she is beautiful, + what a screamer,(tire burning torque monster)but i havn't had a turbo car in decades,(i had a few in the 90's)+ i'm prob going to need some help with getting this car up to par.
It was a project that someone thru a ton of money at + then abandoned for some reason,EVERYTHING on this car has just a couple hundred miles on it.
but it needs to be dialed in,+ thats where i'll prob need the help.
Here is where i'm starting,i just ordered a tt street chip,because it is running very rich at idle,+ has some knock at shifts,bad turbo lag,otherwise its very strong,but i think there is alot more in it.
1 prob is its an old chip,I was told a pitbull chip,which i guess in itself is not so great,but to make matters worse the chip is programmed for 50# + it actually has 42#inj. so thats where i am starting.
next is guages so i know where everything is set up, fuel pressure boost level etc.
the inj.#'s are 621031,+ have a thin green strip above the part# , everything i can find says they are 42's ,does anybody know if these could be 50's.
also i'm having a hard time i.d.ing the turbo for sure.