87 WE4 31,000 mile


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This care is not perfect as it is barn fresh.. it sat for 22 years. It shows nicely but the top panels of the car have some oxidation and check marks in the original lacquer paint. The car was owned by one family until now. It had handicap controls in it when I got it... the old man was paralyzed and passed in 97. It still has the inspection sticker that says 98 on it!

The car is blowing smoke... could be blowby? Thought it was a turbo but appears to be something else for sure... I’m at my wits end really... the car is at my friends house in Louisiana as I work offshore. It has a clean title and only has no rot at all!!! The underside of the car has usual surface rust that wipes off but zero.... absolutely zero rot anywhere on the car.

I don’t need to get rid of it so I am not desperate. 12500 is my number and I’m pretty firm...

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For $12,500 that's a super nice car. Clean the paint up a bit and drive like it is, remember soon as you get it painted someone will open a door into it. Wonder if its just the valve seals dried out after 22 years of sitting. Some new bumper fillers and she'd be cherry in my eyes. No garage queen for me. What's laughable is seeing monte carlo ss' being advertised for half again as much or more. Keep it or you'll end up breaking a leg later kicking yourself in the ace for selling it.
My 86 with 105k miles was blowing a little smoke when warmed up and I swapped from 10w30 Mobile One to 20w50 and that helped out a lot , anyway GLWS . It probably wont last long at that price . Keith