9" radio install with android auto and apple carplay


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I know this isn't for everyone but have been working on fitting a large modern radio into my regal for sometime now. My major design criteria was to use factory mounts, use the factory radio bezel, and no modifications to the radio or car to make it work. I am happy to report with my last prototype I'm complete with this project for my car. The outcome, with the bracket the lowest it can go, is the top of the radio is covering up a little bit of the temperature slider. At the seating position you can still see which way is cold vs hot. The radio works well and, once installed, covers up the bezel nicely. This was mainly to increase driving and enjoying the car. I have only made this bracket to work for the radio I purchased, Jensen car910x, but if there is interest in other radios types I might be interested in designing more brackets to expand compatibility. I currently have 1 extra bracket around of the final design but I can get more made if there is interest. Reach out to me if your interested and want to know how much it will cost for the install bracket kit.


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