93 GMC Typhoon #936


Mar 28, 2005
1993 GMC Typhoon #936

Black/Grey cladding

ive decided to sell my typhoon. ive owned the truck for a while now and I just want something different. so here it is...

Ive owned this truck since July of 2006. When i first got it, it wouldnt idle for the life if itself, but my love of turbo cars and having something different, made me buy it..ive replaced all the vac lines on the car and the lower intake gasket too.

Every winter i tried to do something new to it. 1st winter I made a 3" downpipe for it. Its just mild steel, but it is painted with high temp silver paint. The downpipe is 2 pieces. there is a S.S. v-band clamp joining the 2 pieces. it also has a cutout on it, which I made also (see pic). the exhaust is a full 3" all the way back. it has no cat, but theres a borla muffler on it.

Ive replaced the upper and lower intake gaskets, all vac lines.. though i would of boughten the GP on the silicon kit, if i could do it all over again. The Upper and Lower intake, TB, Upper IC all got painted silver with a high temp clear, also painted the "syclone" red. It has a REAL HKS SSQV bov on it, with a Stainless steel up-pipe.

The interior is pretty decent. there are no tears in the seats (93 fatmans), the back seat is just dusty in the pics.. cause nooone sits back there. i have a grey "Typhoon" embroidered (sp?) dash mat for it. i got it casue the dash on it is kinda warped and someone at some point before me, must of had a sticker on the dash. Whoever removed it, left a "sticky" leftover on the dash. So i got the mat to hide it. Plus it looks better anyway lol. There is a tripple pillar pod on the truck. The guages are Autometer Carbon Fiber Gauges 2 1/16".. Boost, Air /fuel, Fuel pressure. there is also a Blitz turbo timer in the over head console. I never gotten around to hooking it up. All the gauges work, it doesnt have the "mysterious wiper thing" (learned that from sy2206). it has pioneer speakers in it, which got some bump lol.

The "check engine light" does come on. it always pulls the egr code, which i have erg deleted. i have a Moates USB ALDL cable. I do have the stock rims, stock DP and stock up-pipe.

finally took a few pics of her.. please don't mind the quality iphone pics
there are a few "rust bubble" spots and where the paint is "flaking", but nothing crazy.. ive never done anything to them.. just drove the truck.

*18" CCW Classics (18x10 front 18x12 rear)
* 2" fiberglass cowl hood
* Roof rack delete
tripple pillar pod (boost, fuel pressure-not hooked up, and air fuel- they are all carbon fiber guages)
* "Typhoon" dash pad- Grey
* ATR Aux IC
* Aluminum upgraded lower IC (DutchTY GP)
* Surflo pump hot wired
* 3/4" IC line
* 3" DP custom made (3" exhaust all the way out back, borla muffler)
* HKS SSQV Bov and Polished Hardpipe
* 255 pump in the tank
* Bosch AFPR
* New Vac lines
* ERG Delete plate
* Upgraded Front drive shaft/Propshaft Also with custom chromoly Drive shaft loops.
* Blitz Turbo Timer
* Moates ALDL cable
*C5 corvette brakes and drilled rotors up front
*Abs Delete
*New brake lines

asking $10,000

no dyno numbers.. its mostly stock. stock turbo 3" dp, I think it has a pitbull chip in it, but im not sure. I cant remember lol. upgraded watcer intercooler stuff.

im close to canton ohio

trades considered. too
Saw this one on Sy Ty but couldn't register there. Also intested in possible trades as others here have asked as well. GN mods in my sig.
yes im interested in trades.. but it would depend on what it is. lol. as I have no idea what I want next.

im more freq on syty.net then on here.
A GN of course ;)