96 SC Mustang with Nos Update II...


Since my last thread about the race got closed, here goes my update. The Mustang guy had been bragging about his SC/NOS 4.6 V-8. Well one of my Buddies challenged him to a race. The Mustang guy refused. He tried again with $200. Well at that time another Mustang dude says he'll take that bet (but for $50). He even tried to talk the guy into racing my Buddy and was willing to front him the money. He still refused. So this Guy is running a 306 Bullet engine in his 95 GT and my Buddy has a 87 GN. My Buddy with the GN keeps tuning his car for the race with 2 runs. The Mustang Guys weren't impressed (sand bagging). Now to the race: the Mustang got him out of the hole real bad. It looked like the race was over until the last 50-75 meters, the Buick bolted past him at the finish. The two Guys with Mustangs swore to God he had NOS. The Guy with the 95 Mustang paid him the loot but wanted to see his ticket (but he didn't get to see it). He was in total disbelief that he got crushed at the end so bad. I now call my buddy "Sneeky Pete"!! :cool:
Nice to see the buicks are in the fastlane and the rustangs are STILL in the slowlane... LOL... I've heard plenty mudstain owners complain about me having spray and I always tell them the same thing... I just got boost and if you can find a bottle on this car then you can have it!!! That usually works pretty good for shutting them up :D brick
Hey 86 Brick

I'll have to pass that "bottle" line on to my Friend!!:D That's some funny sh*t!! That dude got his feelings hurt...:eek:
Yeah Cool87GN, I think it's pretty funny and very entertaining to see what EXCUSE I'll hear next... with the 5.slow boys it's usually the ever famous "I missed third"... I just say whatever lets go again and this time watch your MONSTER tach and shift light to make sure you don't miss third LMAO... their very amussing, but I wish they would be a little more original with their excuses to keep me on my toes... I want to race an auto rustang to see if he uses the same excuse as the 5spd guys "I missed third"... that would be pretty damn funny:D :D
I believe it's the gentlemen's agreement that if you drive a mustang and you lose that you must say "I missed third"... In my experiences this is how it seems and obviously you've had the same experiences cool 84... Are we possibly developing a trend here??? Maybe it's just a COINCIDENCE:rolleyes: My buddy who owns a cumstang says the "I got a header leak" EXCUSE is slowly catching on amongst the pony group... maybe we can test this theory... Maybe it's STILL a little hard for the mustang guys to accept losing to a V6, and also the fact that the car is a BUICK??? Somethings never change!!!:D
How about when you are betting say
................."For another $100 I bet you miss 3rd"................
:D :cool: ;) :D
Wasn't the Mustand using NOS?

These Mustang guys/gals are goofy. Let me see:

The Mustang had a supercharged, NOS fed V-8. Sounds like there should be no excuses.

I was at the track Friday night and saw alot of Mustangs get it handed to them. One was even a SC/NOS car. What gives?

The Mustangs sound awesome and come out of the hole like hell but then they seem to give up the ghost so to speak.

Anyway good kill...

I can't wait to the here the excuses when I race them with the TTA.

Yeah those cars seem to come out of the hole very strong and then die out at the top of the traps... I will admit I've run into some pretty humble rustang guys, but not many... Hell lately the V6 mustang guys are revving at me LMAO... That's when I really have to just roll the window down and laugh at these guys and tell them that gas just cost too much for me to waste it LOL... :p
but they are learning

I saw a ford fun weekend on TV that had a couple stangs going turbocharged only and they were FLYING! They didn,t need an excuse, they just learned from the buicks.
Turbo Mustangs are a totally different story... Duttweiler builts some of the fastest mustangs around with HUGE turbos that run in the Outlaw classes... I've seen some of these beasts and let me tell you they ******* FLY... running 7's and 6's in the quarter at over 200mph!!!:eek: Some of the street ones are pretty bad ass also, but I'm sure they cost an arm and a leg to built, cause you gotta do forged internals to run them reliabily with some dissent boost... that's why a lotta guys do superchargers, because they make SC kits were you don't have to touch the bottom end of the 5.0 or 4.6 unless your really pushing the boost, so it's just a matter of the SC kits being cheaper to perform... I know incon has some TT kits for 5.0's not sure about the 4.6's, but if u want a bad ass Rustang turboing it is the way to go IMO... cost some bucks though!!!:D ANYTHING THAT HAS A TURBO I RESPECT:)
What kind of head gaskets do those turbo Mustang guys run to keep there heads in place? Those fords have the same 4 bolt per cylinder set up like the Buicks.
A typical TT kit for a 5.0 cost 4000.00 ( ballpark). It makes serious power. With the exception of 93's the fox bodies have forged pistons. The tranny and axles aren't long for this world though with that kind of power. Incon does make a kit for the 4.6. Its very hard to get. Not even sure if any of them are on the streets yet. I believe its going to be a 5psi kit. Why in the hell would that guy run a SC and nitrous? Most SC will put a 4.6 in the 370rwhp range safely if tuned right. Anything over 400 and your in serious danger with that motor. Nice kill for the GN.
Not necessarily expensive

TurboCharged Ford's

Modern Muscle and Fast Fords Magazine did an article a couple years ago on cheap Turbocharging a 5.0 motor. The total project was around $1,200 if I recall correctly.

Forged pistons are factory on most of the 5.0 motors.