A-arm bushing removal


May 13, 2002
Just wanted to know if you just have to take the spring out and shock out to get the upper a-arm to move around when I take the bushing out (upper right side). It is shot from the heat of the DP so I need to replace it. Got a heat shield from Kirbans that should take care of this ever happening again. The other ones look good so I will not be replacing them for those who tell me I should!:D :eek:

No you don't need to remove the spring and shock for the uppers.

Heat shield works great but not forever unfortunately, prolly 60-80K however with a good rubber replacement bushing. :)

I get about 65K between changes. 7 years or so for me.
The upper spring perch is on the frame and the lower spring perch is on the lower control arm. You should be able to remove the the upper control arm without compressing the spring or removing the shock. I positioned a jackstand on the frame and the floor jack under the lower control arm (just as a precaution).
You will have to place a jack under the lower control arm to 'pre-load' the spring to be able to remove the upper a-arm. This is because the upper ball joint needs to be seperated from the spindle, and if there is no jack under the a-arm, it can, AND WILL cause some damage to you AND the car if that lower a-arm slams down from the spring pressure.

The lower control arm and frame perch the front spring and front shock. It has nothing to do with the upper control arm, as it moves with the movement of the lower control arm, but is not acted upon by the spring. Now if your intention is to affect the lower control arm (lower ball joint or LCA bushings), then yes you need to prop the lower control arm with a jack. I do prop the lower control arm with a jack, but if you look at the suspension setup, you'll know it really is not necessary, when changing upper ball joints or upper control arm bushings.
If you have the right tools [and experience!] the UCA bushings can be replaced without removing the arm from the car.:)
Cool! Thanks for the info guys. You guys are right, once I actually get into it, I will see it better and understand. ;)