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Has anyone used or have experience with this shop. I understand A.C.T. is from the east/north east area, and suppose to build very good 200r4's with all the good hard parts. They will be sending a tranny to the GSCA soon for evaluation and testing. Thanks Brian
Who? Art Carr? or their "other " imitator?

There ,at one time, was a company in Art's old building coincedentally called ACT.

Imagine that? hrrmmmm

Poor Art............. Heheheheh

Hey Bruce, Now isn't that a coincidence. I can't believe that this is the same bunch that ruined Art's rep a few years back. I spoke with the real Art Carr this past spring when I had him build me a 9" and heard about that mess. It dosn't appear we have the same guy's from speaking with Mark at the club this week, but why would they use the same initials! Mark said that he had recieved a call to place an advertisement in the GS-Xtra for this guy (I believe his name is Chris) and that ACT was to send him a spec sheet and a tranny for evaluation. I was asked to call Mark tommorow for an update, but was trying to learn what I could about this shop in the mean while. My Tranny is a 13,000 mi original and is working flawlessly, but at the HP level i'm at, I want to install a more capable piece this winter to head off breakage this coming season. Thanks Brian---Upstate NY