A lesson learned.. listen up kiddies.


cookin with propane
May 27, 2001
ahh.. seee.. i have been posting alot lately.. but then again ive had alot to talk about.

seeing a previous 87 ign conversion done with zipties.. i figured hey why not.. youd think they would be smart enough to ground the ignition module through the connector right?

oh.. no.. how silly of me to ASSume..

you see you cant actually bolt the new module to the bracket cuz like.. the metal is too thick.. the studs cant actually protrude through. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. heres how you ziptie your ignition and have it still work!

get a piece of wire.. 14ga is what i used.. an eyelet.. bolt the eyelet to one of the studs, run the wire to te fender through the loom for the charcoal canister, then run it up to the bolt with 2 grounds already on it..

oooh.. sneaky huh..

im still curious as to why im needing to run 46psi base fuel pressure though.. hum.