A new addition


RIP Charlie!
Sep 20, 2007
Not what you may think, but we just had the first baby of the new year.:cool: Been looking for the goats to start dropping kids at the beginning of December but we didn't have any drop until yesterday morning.:( It was twins but sadly only one survived, and mama went into the pasture without them.:wideyed: This is some pics of Penny at about 36 hours old and you can see how small she is. She's getting bottle fed and pampered but to give you a better reference, that's my size 11 boot she's standing beside.:eek: When she grows up she may be as tall as my knee but she's a feisty little brat already and tells us when she wants attention. The funny thing is she already knows her name and when we say her name she looks around to see who's calling.:cool: And no, that's not me feeding her, it's my land lord.:finger:
Didn't know they liked Dr. Pepper.
They frigging love sweets Cory. That's whole milk with some molasses in it. Once they get used to that and they're weened we can put water in the bottle and they'll still go after it.:ROFLMAO: