? about art carr shift kits?


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Jun 16, 2001
In the instructions it says to eliminate a checkball in the valve body they call it number #47 if I'm using a 9" tq convertor but i have no idea as to which check ball the normal manuals call it. Anyways I have a PTS 3200 9/11 stall and does this apply to me at all, im not sure since i know most 9" convertors are n/l. Is it refering to all smaller convertors l/u or non, or just 9" non locks?

Stock vb has 3 check balls, some what in line with each other. The center one is #47. I lleave mine out with a locking convertor. I also remove the check ball in the end of input shaft. Maybe some of the builder on the board will respond to this ?
yeah thats the one, im just curious as to what it would effect if anything. Thanks Lee

I believe I have this right---I have the old papers on the shift kit you are refering to---leave the center ball out when using a non lockup. You have a lockup? I leave the center one out on mine and it is a lockup. Suppose to lockup quicker with this ball and the ball in the input shaft left out.
The middle check ball is for the 1-2 shift, leaving it out will make the 1-2 shift harder; some times it will make it shift too hard.