AC not working


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Jul 1, 2016
I'm looking to convert my 87 over to R134a, but have a question/concern. The current R12 compressor spins but does not engage the clutch when the AC is on. Could this be due to a bad switch or no freon/oil? Hate to spend about $500 to get it converted and find out I need another couple of hundred in sensors.

Thanks in advance.
The system could be low on freon or a wiring or mechanical issue?

The person doing your conversion should first check the condition and operation compressor/clutch to start.
If low on freon compressor clutch will not engage. did the Ac lose effectiveness over time? If so likely leak.
I converted met self and was not all that difficult. My seals do need replacing though as all original. I need to recharge every once in a while.
On mine the green wire broke internally somewhere that goes from the low pressure switch on the drier to the compressor. So I spliced in a new wire.