acc. pulley line-up


Northern Turbo
Jul 9, 2001
Just wondering is there a kit available or a bracket pulley
set for the stage 2 on-center block that allows all the
p/s, a/c to line up and fit with the prduction accessories?
I've heard the there is a little fabrication involved and that
it does not line up. any feedback or ideas are would
be greatly appreciated.:rolleyes:
ACC. Lineup

If you are using the Champ heads w/ the bolt holes for acces. mounting, the bracket will mount ok. However, you have to add a .120 spacer on the crank nose between the oil slinger and the harmonic balancer. This moves the balancer out so it clears the crank sensor and aligns the belt. This applies IF you are using a production cover. Whole new ballgame w/ a STAGE 2 cover.....:eek:
W/ the production cover you also have to add some seal surface, [AKA JB WELD!!,] to the lower ,inside edge of the cover behind the area where the crank sensor brkt mounts. If you do not, you will have 1 bitch of an oil leak!!!

HTH,:cool: :cool:
I am using the champion heads, so I guess it is pretty straight
forward. Thanks Chuck I aprreciate the input