Accel DFI help for 350 5.7



OK, no one over at the camaro boards knows about this stuff...well I just put a TPI on my 350 and an accel 6.32 dfi computer. i have it idleing and reving very good at park. but once in gear it barely holds idle and soon as you give it gas it stalls out. and i've gone through like 8 sets of plugs so far just trying to tweak it...burns them up quick. why is it reving great in park but not at all with load? i'm starting to miss my old Holley. please help.
if anyone has any programs for a slightly modified 350 motor (370-400hp) i'd love to have them.
If you are going through plugs that fast, sounds like the MAP sensor is toast. What does your MAP sensor read at idle and when you rev it? Does it change? If it seems to be stuck at one spot you need a new one. You'll find a few people here (myself included) who can tell you that a bad MAP sensor killed a set of plugs in under a minute for them.
Where ar you located? No one is going to be able to help you tune an old DFI over the internet. It is becoming something of a black art now that they are pretty much obsolete.
I'm in Panama City, FL

do you think I should try to find a speedpro unit or accel VII

i'm going to be dropping in a different 350 with a T72 in about 2 months but i wanted to get the dfi tuned on the tpi so i could bolt it onto the new motor and be able to break it in properly. do you even think the dfi 6.3 will work well with a turbo? the guy i bought it from said it would..
The DFI is capable of working fine, but given the technology that is currently available in other systems, you could be doing alot better. The DFI is only going to be as good as the tuner you can find and he definetly needs to have a air/fuel meter available to him or you mine as well run your motor without oil and ruin it yourself because that is what is going to happen if you try guess tuning.
well i have the 02 sensor installed and can get voltage readings... what is the range in voltage readings... i'm showing avg .700 volts at idle. what should it be. i have it set to run closed loop but it doesnt' seem to be working or it would correct the fuel mix and not burn plugs out...maybe i'm wrong. also what affect would not having the pcv hose hasn't been and i just hooked a tube up to that to the throttle body. i raised fuel pressure from 38 to 45 because i read that dfi likes at least 40 for a good idle. i'm running 24# injectors.
Rogleete did you have any luck getting that motor running?