Accufab FPR, ATR Swaybar, Stock Parts


motorhead mike
Sep 9, 2001
1. Parts are located in Ottawa, Ontario CANADA;
2. Prices in CANADIAN dollars, use for exchange rate;
3. Shipping and Paypal (add 3%) fees are at buyer's expense;
4. All parts sold AS-IS with no warranty expressed or implied; and
5. PM me.

Various A/C parts (Compressor good for a core charge, brackets/braces);
Grille (damaged);
Headlamp bezels (light flaking);
Tail lights (weathered);
Amber bumper marker lights (one is cracked from a rock);
Bumper marker light bezel (not shown);
Front fender trim (driver quality);
Exhaust hangers;
Console shifter plate cover (needs an aftermarket overlay);
Ash tray;
Upper dash cover (no known cracks, in Sage Green);
Head lamp, dimmer, and twilight sentinel(?) switches w/bracket;
Seat belt chime;
Bunch of relays (fuel pump, A/C, etc);
4 x stock fuel injectors (rebuildable?);
Vacuum distribution block w/screws;
WG hole reducer plate (S/S, good for fixing over ported WG holes);
Stock ECM with factory chip;
2 x TurboTweak chips for 83pph injectors and propane;
Thrasher 92 chip;
Spare chip holder;
ScanMaster update chip (comes with PowerLogger);
IAC relocation harness;
Stock MAF w/flex tube (MAF has screens);
Stock fuel rail and 233 regulator;
Stock down pipe;
Stock up pipe;
Stock intercooler w/brackets;
Stock belt tensioner;
Turbo inlet to valve cover filter tube;
Oil filler neck (with 2 x caps);
Oil filter adapter (broken alignment tab);
Exhaust hanger (only flange at cat);
MSD 8.5 wires (used);
3-bolt copper turbo gasket;
Upper rad hose;
Top half of speedo cable;
Shifter cable (casing is worn);
Block heater cable;
Vacuum ball;
Oil dipstick;
Powermaster brake pedal;
Alternator pulley;
Felpro header gasket;
Various gaskets and seals (oil filter adapter o-ring, oil pan, oil pump (some springs too), and a front cover seal, etc);
Speed Pro 204/214 cam, lifters, and dual roller timing chain (used, lifters labelled); and
Box full of T-top car interior parts (’86 Dark Claret I believe).

$500 – all boxed up ready to go, I will not separate parts.
Hi-Res pics: switch plate (2 x momentary switches, engraved with Trans Brake and Alky) - $20

ATR Sway bar - $225

34mm F-body hollow sway bar - $125

If someone wants everything I will let it go for $800 CANADIAN.

3” stainless steel 3-way cat w/4-bolt flange (only ever used for E-tests) - SOLD ($100)


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