adjuastable fuel pressure regulator

well ive been trying to find some information on installing an accufab regulator and i havent came up with much of an explantion. Honestly im not even sure where the stock regulator is:redface: , can anybody point me in the right direction of a write up or just some information in general. the regulator should be comming in on friday so i need to do some more reading. and yes i did search, but i didnt have to much luck. thanks guys
The fuel pressure regulator is located just behind the the alternator on the drivers side of the engine. It is mounted on the fuel rail. It takes a 5/8" open end wrench and a 10mm 1/4" drive socket and ratchet with a 2-3" extension. Follow along below:

1) Use a 5/8" open end wrench (high quality, not Chinese JUNK) and loosen the lower tube nut under the regulator. Place the wrench on the nut, and pull the wrench forward, which will loosen it. (righty/tightey, lefty/loosey)

2) Remove the two 10mm (socket size) bolts that retain the regulator to the rail.

3) Pull the regulator out of the fuel rail, then use your fingers to remove the lower nut on the return line. You might have to wiggle the regulator to allow the nut to turn.

4) Lube the o-ring on the new regulator with vasoline, oil, or even wheel bearing grease (I prefere to use Hyper-lube, Lucas Lube or STP because it is thich and sticky and doesn;t run off right away.) and use a little of the same lube on your finger and wipe it into the rail port.

5) Lube the o-ring on the return line, and slide the new regulator onto the line, and start the "B"-nut a few threads into the bottom of the regulator.

6) Slide the regulator into the fuel rail, and start the bolts. Tighten the bolts holding the regulator on.

7) Then tighten the return line in the bottom of the regulator with a 5/8" wrench. Hook the vacuum line up and follow the instructions on how to set the pressure. (it requires a 7/16" wrench and an allen wrench)

Hope this helps.