Adjustable Wastegate


It's just a V6 Regal....
Right now I just have an adjustable wastegate on my turbo, and a line running straight form it to the turbo. Ive heard this being reffered to as "tuner style" ? Anyways, Im wondering if theres an drawbacks to this? Ive been looking at the RJC boost controller, but will it make any improvement on my car? Does it work without the wastegate solenoid? I ask because mine is kind of broken....just keep it plugged in so the ECM doesnt freak out.
Put your wastegate rod to 1/8 inch preload and run one hose from the compressor to the rjc bleeder and the other end straight to the wastegate nothing gets hooked to the factory solonoid just leave the plugged into the factory solonoid so the computor can pull timing if it has to