Advice on polishing GTA rims


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Oct 27, 2002
I have a set of early GTA rims I plan on polishing (outter lip).
I believe the clear has already been removed. Having no real curb damage with the exception of some scratches and discoloration, what grit sandpaper should I start with?

Thanks, Kevin
Go to Sears and get the polishing kit, it has 3 buffing wheels and compound in it and use a die grinder or a drill and save your finger tips. I used it to polish my BE KOOL radiator and some other alum. parts.
Tarey D.
I just sanded the clear from a set of GTA wheels I acquired. I used 180 grit paper to remove the clear. I then used a drill with a 3" stainless type polishing pad with fast cut rubbing compound. Came up great. Can finish by hand with metal polish.

Had some road rash on the end of the lip, here and there, I used 80 grit on a block to sand/polish off the bulk of the damage. Polished up fine.
on my old rims i sanded out the scratches and a little curb rash i started with 600 then 1500 and finally used 2000. after that i polished them with wizards metal polish. looked great
I used to own a detail shop and all you need is some fine(almost hair like) steel wool that you can get at Lowes in a bag. Use some elbow grease and they will shine like factory new.