After nearly 3 years.... she is coming back together!


Mechanical Engineer
May 2, 2002
After my stock engine spun 2 rod bearings and one main bearing..... I took the engine out to see what could be done. I decided it could be saved..... new crank... and a line bore..... but decided to save the numbers matching motor..... and build another 109...turned out to be a SG1 engine... with the turbo crank.... :biggrin: ..... ended up deciding to do a few extra things.... like steel caps... forged pistons.... roller cam..... ported heads.... Champion ported lower intake.... hemco plenum.....etc. Due to lack of funding....the project got dragged out.... and as such.... more "stuff" got added to the scope.... RJC FM...... 45A turbo.... 70 P-trim turbo.... one is the main turbo one is the spare... not sure which yet......then I got to thinking the stock 159k mile tranny wasn't going to live too long behind the new powerplant...... so I purchased another BRF tranny core....and then billet input shaft... billet shafted forward drum..... billet OD ring gear....billet OD carrier.....and a host of other normal hi-po upgrades... then off to Lee Thompson to build me a 9 sec capable 200-4R. So at this point.... my numbers matching tranny is also spared.....sitting in the corner.

I started working on the car to get ready to re-install the new motor and tranny a couple weeks ago..... installed a new heater core..... and took the stock PM off (it was working.... just didn't want that beast any more)... and converted over to hydroboost.... off a Astro minivan....... next I started getting everything put on the new motor.....oil lines... starter... manifolds....injectors... fuel rail...sensors etc. This got me to yesterday afternoon. Then my friend Alan....(88ZNX).... called and said he was coming over and had some time to kill and would help me put my motor in...... motivation!!!!..........we worked until midnight last night..... engine and tranny are in....everything pretty much done to lengthen a couple starter wires.....the LT-4 starter solenoid is lower than the stocker.... and the wires are too short to reach really.... I'll get that fixed this week.

Anyway.... bottom line is she should be back running some time this week. I have a few obligations today.... and for a day or two this week..... but maybe I'll get it fired up and running before next weekend.

It has been a long time coming....

Thanks to Alan for the recent motivation.... and Andre (Andre Ellis) and Alan (88ZNX) for building the motor and all the help...... and Lee Thompson for the tranny.

She will be making tire smoke before the end of the week..... if I don't hit any snags.
Congrats, pics?

No pics yet... should have taken some with the engine on the stand..... but I didn't.

Heck... I should have taken some of the tranny Lee did for me.... that thing is a nice piece of work. It looks so nice... I want to re-paint the underbody so it doesn't look so bad in the background of the transmission.... this thing is a beaut.

I will take some pics after I get it driving. I have to lengthen a couple wires going to the starter.... and plug all the wires into the motor... and put the accessory bracket back on along with the PS pump, AC compressor and alternator. I have to tie in the hydroboost lines... and bleed the brakes......and get my new (used) RJC FMIC installed.... and plumbed. Hopefully I will be riding by the end of the week. I have a couple nights worth of commitments this week.... then back on the car....
a little progress.....

I got my starter wires lengthened.

I re-located my external tranny cooler on the condenser side of the core support x-bracing... to make room for the RJC IC325 Megacooler.

I mounted the megacooler... and installed my aluminum bumper support while I had the front bumper off.....then I put the front bumper back on.

I installed the 3" SS THDP and got her bolted up. I need some cap screws to put in there to make it more appealing... there is just hex head bolts in there now...

Just about ready to lower down off the jackstands....

Main things left:

1.) accessory bracket / AC compressor/ PS pump/ Alternator.
2.) Splice HB line into existing hard line coming out of PS pump.
3.) Tee HB return into PS return line.
4.) Flow some fresh gas into fuel lines before hooking up fuel line and return line. (I just pumped out the old gas and put 10 gal of 93 in it....)
5.) Install radiator hoses and fill with water.
6.) Fill tranny with fluid.
7.) Install spark plugs, coilpack, and module.
8.) Hook up wiring to remaining sensors and ground wire to bottom of turbo bracket.
9.) Install I/C plumbing and cold air kit to tubo.... and hook up MAF meter.
10.) Plug in chip and ECM.
11.) Install battery.
12.) Pressure up fuel system and check for leaks.
13.) Re-check all fluids.
14.) Crank it up! :biggrin:

I might have missed a step or two... but that is the bulk of it....

Getting closer.

Maybe I can knock most of the above items out tomorrow night...
A little more progress.

Re-installed air dams and adjusted and tightened front bumper.

Flushed the fuel lines with some fresh fuel.

Hooked up the fuel lines.

Hooked up most of the electrical connectors.

Bolted on the PS pump, AC compressor, and alternator.

Haven't spliced HB line yet.

Main things left:

1.) Tranny fluid fillup
2.) Intercooler plumbing
3.) Big mouth cold air install
4.) Gap and install sparkplugs
5.) Install coilpack and module
6.) Install lower and upper radiator hoses...and fill system.
7.) Put belt on
8.) Prime system check for leaks.....and set FP.
9.) Hook up temporary oil pressure gauge.

Crank it up.

Probably a couple more hours and it will be close.
hey blazer i scored an astrovan hydroboost off an astrovan at the pic a part in ontario cali the day before yesterday i got a load to maine from los angeles im in iowa as we speak but im gonna work on a spacer to make it a true bolt long are the bolts coming out of the powermaster bracket? do ya remember?
hey blazer i scored an astrovan hydroboost off an astrovan at the pic a part in ontario cali the day before yesterday i got a load to maine from los angeles im in iowa as we speak but im gonna work on a spacer to make it a true bolt long are the bolts coming out of the powermaster bracket? do ya remember?

LOL... you replied to the wrong thread.... LOL

But.... I don't remember the length of the studs.... but I will probably be working on my plate soon as well.... still trying to get the rest of the car back together....and get it cranked.

I got it running last night.... still have to work on getting the HB hooked up and the brakes bled.

I got a couple other issues as well....working thru them...