Aftermarket Red Digital Gauges in a Analog Car easy to put back to original?


Hello everyone! I am new on this forum. I just bought a 1987 GN from Miami FL that is in great shape just needs a little work. When I bought the car the owner before me installed the red digital gauges in the car. My car is not a U52. When I looked up the codes on my car I found U23 which by the people on this forum and what I could find means my car was a standard gauge car correct? How big of a deal is it to put my car back to a standard gauge set up? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Jeff
Post a pic. Is it a Cyberdyne dash or are they individual guages? As long as nothing got cut up I don't think it would be that bad. Might have to change some senders.
If it is a Cyberdyne digital dash I may be interested in purchasing it from you.