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May 26, 2001
Came across this in my book of invoices today.

Opinions since I know very little on this subject right now


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First pic is clear on my screen .


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Top right number is 4.6. Under that 4.1 then -0.6 then -1.1

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It comes out fuzzy when I attach it Humm

Maybe this

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I can make out the specs on my computer. There is some glare to the right of the pic though.

You might try taking & posting two pictures. One with the camera focused slightly left of center & one slightly right of center.
The angle of the light is the issue Brent. The numbers have more light so it causes them to fade out. You have a .5 separation on the caster, which is good, but the camber is screwed and will eat the tires. Camber should be closer to .1 pos to .1 neg. Your SAI and IA are good but it looks like your set back is a little odd.
Ok, maybe I'll have the shop fix the camber.

The front setback looks pretty good as it's near perfect. The rear setback is off some and can be looked at but i wouldn't think .5" being that much really. Maybe control arm points bending from launching the car?

What is the ideal numbers to shot for across the board

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Caster is fine, like I said. Camber needs to be as close to 0 as possible. When the front comes up the tires will be riding on their edge and as it settles down it will get more traction and control because they ride flatter. Toe should be -.10 or 1/16 toe in and with the 1 degree difference in SAI you may have a bent upper or tweaked knuckle. Take a good look at the rears and their mounts. If you haven't put a brace on the lower rear mounts you need to do it. That will keep you from ripping them off the frame and keep axle roll from changing your pinion angle as much.
Thnx, I do have braces on the lowers and uppers. I'm sure I could get some adjustment with the adjustable uppers some. I'll look more into this.

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Gotcha. Been trying to research as much as I can but my brain can't retain all this damn info

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