Alky in a hot-air ?'s


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Jan 12, 2005
Well i purchased a SMC alky kit used and want to install in my 85 GN. Has anyone heard or seen any bad results from plumbing into the CAI? Will this cause problems? If so should i put it in the turbo adapter? Any input is appreciated.
I just installed a Razor kit with no problems at all. I have not tested it yet because I am in the process of upgrading to a TA33. On my kit the turbo has to be removed and the nozzle attached above the turbo outlet. I have been told that we can raise the boost up to 22ibs with no knock and the correct specially burned chip. Brad
Turbobooster- The kit is a brand new Alkycontrol Razor kit-$500 plus ~80 for a three bar MAP. The owner of this company is the moderator on this site under Alcohol injection. The instruction are easy to understand and I being an accountant with average mechanical skills was able to do it. The nozzle has not been installed on my new TA33 turbo because I am porting the intake and heads over the winter. The nozzle has to be installed with the turbo off the car and on the bench. The nozzle will be attached at the lowest point on the turbo outlet just above the turbo adaptor flange on the firewall side of the turbo. The kit requires you to move the radiator overfill tank( kit gives you a new one which I installed on the fan shroud) and the old radiator overfill tank is replaced by a new one which holds the alcohol. The alcohol pump is installed on the passenger side front bumper bracket. The hoses follow the passenger side fenderwall, behind the turbo heat shield to the turbo. The wiring follows the same path into the hole in the firewall by the steering column. All other wiring is under the dash.

The low alky level and alky level of injection indicators are in the dash(Buick thought ahead and they are there). The alky power ON LED is by your boost gauge. The on/off switch fits between the radio and the dashboard. Send me a PM and I will send PICS. Thanks-Brad
Julio (aka Razor), the guy who makes the alky-control kits, is a good guy. I have met him a few times at local car cruises, and he is very knowledgeable about these cars. When I first got my car in march (my first GN) he and the other local GN guys were very helpful in educating me bout these cars. I havent dealt with him business-wise yet, but I have heard nothing but good things about customer service, and from what I know of him, I'm sure he'll do everything in his power to help you set up an alky system. Hell, just check out the alcohol forum here, he helps people figure out their problems, even when theyre using his competitotrs kits :) Anyways, I just wanted to put in a good word for him... the only reason i dont have one of his kits on now is that theres a lot more things i need to do to my car first :) But believe you me, in a few months when I'm at the point where I wanna add an alky kit, you can bet I'll be getting one of his :)