Alky on pre-fuel injected car


1986 Grand National
May 28, 2001

I have installed an Alky setup on My "80" olds , powered by a "79" turbo V6. The motor is not stock. It has a Bigger turbo , Comp "252" cam . ported head, ect, ect. I have been running 22# boost on C16 to get in the low 13's. (see Sig.).

I was thinking should I spray lite and still use the C16 , have the alky act like a intercooler. Or should I spray heavy and run pump gas?

My setup is using a Ford (glup) :( , inline pump. NOS nozzle with a .028 jet. After the turbo.

What are the opinons out there? Thank you for your input.
Well, you probably are one of the only few running this setup so you may want to do a little experimenting on your own and post the results.

But my first thoughts is if you're running C16 alchy probably won't do much unless you want to really lean it out (little dangerous to do and should have an EGT). Again experimenting and seeing what gains/losses at the track you get may prove otherwise.

Try running some pump gas/alchy and tune it in. My car will actually 60ft better with pump gas/alchy than with race gas. Must burn a lot faster than the race gas. Alchy has the most benefit when used with pump gas.