Alky question Will it work for me?


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May 25, 2001
Alky question Will it work for me? Need help here Guys

I run nothing but 116 maximal red. I run 10.80s with 25 lb of boost what should I be able to run with a good alky set up and 93 gas?? Will I need to lower the timing?? Same kind of ETs and boost levels?? Boost and ET wise just for an example. Is it worth it for a car thats is street driven say 1000 miles a year and raced maybe 50-60 passes. I am not worried about safe with race fuel I want to know if I can run the same ETs with Sunoco 94 and Alky.

Lonnie Diers
Hey lonnie I'm no expert but I don't think you will be able to get those kind of numbers with 94 and an alky system. I could run 23psi on a JL 110 chip 26deg timing but I'm no where near your ET's. I have changed to ME and ran 23psi on 93 but like I was told alky is no substitue for race gas. I think adding alky is like running on 100 octane. But like I said I'm no expert. I sold mine because I don't drive the car enough to use so with only driving it 1k a year I say forget it, though it is a GREAT kit and affordable.
Thanks for the reply 87-gn. I would drive the car more but at $6 a gallon for gas I dont. Last year was the first year I stopped using pump gas and then pumping it out to put in race fuel. I just set the car on kill and left it there and ran 116 all the time. It works much better for tuning but shure pokes a hole in the pocket. I would drive it more than 1000 miles a year if I can use Meth and pump gas and run the same ETs or faster. I dont even have a problem with a witches brew of race gas and pump gas as long as I can keep the car on kill. Its much easier to add race fuel to pump gas than pump 94 out and fill with 116 race gas. I also have a 9.5CR 4.1 and wanting to put that motor in the car. So I would like to know how it helps with a hi compression motor. Just have not seen enough info for a street car that sees more race duty than street driving.

Lonnie Diers