Alky saved my motor for the second time.


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Was at the Desoto event this weekend and made it to the final race and I was about half way down the strip when the car fell on its face and my audible knock detector went off so I had to lift. Went back to the pits and looked under the hood to see what the hell happened and saw that the fuel pressure regulator hose had popped off. I was at 30 psi of boost when this happened. If I was on race fuel and not spraying I would have lost something in the motor. Once again alky was my savior.:D
Julio is da man.
My sig now shows the best run in my street trim. IE Nittos, 93 octane pump gas, and spraying alky. Not to mention I have very little seat time at the track.
I love your alky kit so much I am going to buy a third one next week for the wifes GN we are picking up this weekend. She is now hooked on Buicks!!!!!!!!
I love the fact I can tune once for the strip and for the street. NO MORE RACE FUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just say no to high $$$$$$$ race fuel!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D