alkycontrol problem


Had a problem today. On start up the boost neon was red indicating a spray condition. I had this problem previously and Razor advised it was the earth at the Map sensor. So I checked the earth, it was ok.
This is different, if I turn the alky on, there is a click from the under dash unit and the neon flashes red/green and then off. The test button fails to light the neon at all, even though the control unit is live.
Any ideas?
Sounds like bad ground or power to the PAC unit

The test button should illuminate the bi-colored led when you press the test button whether a map sensor is plugged in or not. Unless it has a dirty power or ground connection to it.

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You were right, razor, had to be in the wiring. Although not obvious without close inspection, the weatherpack that plugs into the MAP has become marginally loose despite looking connected. Took off the MAP and ensured all was clean and reconnected the plug. All good now, thanks.