All Florida Turbo Regal/TTA Owners Sign in here

I'm a sick man , I have what many would call too many but what do they know...I've got a numbers matching POP proven L-89 69 Camaro, a 69 RS/SS loaded sleeper(602) hp dyno'd, a copo knock off, a '55 chebbie pick up with a 900 hp 502, a big block 59 el camino, and a 42 3/4 ton pick up...all about as mint as possible except the elky...she's a work in progress but is solid and all there...just now expanding into the buick line...
Newbie from Central Florida, Clermont area. Just picked up a T-Type from Texas to replace my 71 GS clone. I am new to the whole turbo concept but so far so good.


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Nice car. If you need parts I have a ton for sale. Just sold two regals and still have a bunch of TR parts. Enjoy your new ride
do you have the metal Middle piece that holds the t Tops on the roof of the car. And the two front grey seat belts. If so, how much shipped to 33983.

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I know they all look the same but this is my T-type...waiting for a tag from the state, I decided I needed a vanity tag for this ride...


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heya slick, I live just north of you in rural plant city...let me know if you'd like to get together, I'm a true gearhead and know little about these beasts but am learning...nothing like a big block that I'm used to...these things make crazy different power
Hello, checking in from Sarasota. I have an 87 Turbo T with 30K miles, all original.


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Maybe we can set something up for later on in May... I'm down in englewood ....maybe meet at Bradenton Motorsports Park for a Runday Sunday???
There is a BIG Buick event beginning of May National's in North Carolina at Richard Clarks place, give a call if anyone has any questions

May 4/7

Checking in from the Lee County / Fort Myers area. Also having problems prioritizing what project to tackle first and finding a trustworthy source closer than Tampa.
Checking in from the Lee County / Fort Myers area. Also having problems prioritizing what project to tackle first and finding a trustworthy source closer than Tampa.
am in Canada/Bonita Springs with my 84 GN. Blown rod bearing so car is back home in Canada. Have been looking for reliable mechanic down here for six years now - no luck. Need parts/ check my post in parts for sale 85 and 87 GN

Hot Air Beast
Hello from Sanford, fl. I am the district manager for Buick gmc for the Jacksonville to savannah district. For those looking at my profile@
—I used to live north of Allentown, pa . Thanks to GM—transferred down here. Somewhere in my new garage is my 1986 GN. If I could find sometime and the battery tender.—I would be all set. Dp
Daytona Beach been here for about 2 years now. Nice weather.
And I still have ties to Brooklyn ny which is where I lived the first 41 years of my life. Lol.

Looking to move to the Tampa Bay Area within the next 5 years. I was gunna buy a house in Daytona but it’s just not the area I want to settle in. It’s a fun place and I’m glad I got the chance to finally get my college degree here after I retired from FDNY. But I’m not gunna lie I do miss the Dyker/Bay Ridge Area.

If anyone needs any help I’m definitely not new to owning turbo regal’s and know my way around both hot and cold Turbo regals.
I have an 86 GN that I inherited from my dad who passed a few months after buying his GN new. Nobody drove in until 1990 on my 16th birthday my mom who is also gone now gave me the title to it. That one has very low miles on it and I only take that out on special occasions. That one is bone stock and staying that was lol. 31 years later it still drives like a brand new car.
I also have a 85GN with a 1987 cold air engine 109 engine full conversion from the electric fan to the harness and ecu. Has a few tasteful mods maf translator,complete updated fuel system with regulator and Walbro 255, chrome pipes,Defi 60mm BF Gauges. Rebuilt transmission with a shift kit. Posi rear. I would like to get a bigger turbo, injectors, torque converter,etc and of course all my cars have viper audible alarms with the iPhone GPS tracker (best money I ever spent on all my vehicles).
And I had an 86 GN that I took in trade for my 1980 turbo firebird Formula but I sold it to my cousin it actually gets picked up tomorrow morning headed for NY. I told him to join this form because I’ve read hours and hours of stories and valuable information up here. You guys are a great source of help and information.
Sorry for the ramble. I like to talk. I’m new to Florida and all my friends are back In New York.
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Welcome....I actually wanna move out from Florida when I
Honestly with what it costs to stay in nyc, most city workers retired from nypd, fdny, sanitation, EMS, etc. our pensions even with pulling a ton of overtime in out last 3 years on the job are forced to move to the south where the cost of living is a little cheaper. But prices are going up down here as well. Which is why I wanna buy something soon because the market is getting so overpriced that I’m gunna be stuck renting for life. My wife and I rent at an apartment complex and I have to keep my GN’s in 2 storage units about a mile away. Factor the rent (which has gone up both times I renewed out lease) plus $400 a month for the 2 storage units. Add that up it’s a mortgage payment on a house. But I need to find an area where I’m gunna be comfortable. Lol. But thanks for the welcome!!