All Florida Turbo Regal/TTA Owners Sign in here

Just moved to Florida. In the ft Walton beach area. Trying to get up with some turbo Regal friends. I own a 87 turbo T

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Moved to volusia county 5 years ago after I retired from being a NYC Civil Servant for 22 years in one of the 4 uniformed emergency agencies.

I am the original owner of my very first car I ever owned a 1987 Regal Turbo T WE4 That is bone stock and was in storage for 21 years in my sister’s garage in Carle place Long Island ny. She just shipped it to me in June 2018 and I’m doing a full museum quality restoration even tho it’s been garaged most it’s life.

I also have a fair condition (working process) 87 Grand National that is my mod and go fast car. She aint the prettiest one in the bunch but she can run fast.

And as the family car I have a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder that my wife mostly uses.

I had 2 bikes but had to sell them this summer due to a family member falling ill and wife was forced ti take leave without pay. So I had to step up.

2014 BMW S1000rr
2014 Suzuki Gsxr 1000 all black. Nice bike was very comfortable for a larger person like myself. The only down fall was it was a rebuilt salvage history so I only got $4900 for that bike.

I also had a rebuilt short block that I bought of a guy in Staten Island ny with forged internals that I was saving as a spare since spun bearings run in our car’s bloodline. I wound up selling that to one of my ny friends who came up here to do Disney with his family and saw my as he was passing through.

All I can say about myself is I’m a loving family man born and raised in Brooklyn ny. I will go out of my way to help someone. But please don’t take my kindness as weakness. Other then thst I woukd give someone the last dollar in my pocket if they really needed it. That’s about all I can say about myself. My family and I Are very tight been married fir 21 years and together for 25 years. I’m in my mid/earjy lste 40s (closer to mid) lol
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Repin Gainesville it’s one or two gn,s around here one guy well into his 90’s doubt he can use a computer but the rest of y’all get at me!
Jacksonville Florida. Looking for other turbo regal owners in the area. Also need some ideas of shops to have my ‘87 GN painted. (Purchased a year ago from original owner, sat in a car port for years, 42,000 original miles). Somewhere in Florida or South Georgia and has done a few regals previously.
I do work on these cars ( valve springs, fuel pumps, injectors, brakes , suspension etc.) along with under hood and frame detailing. Contact me for more information.
I have had 3 Grand Nationals from 1995 to present.


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Merritt Island GN owner

OK, '84 GN owner checking in from Merritt Island. My car is sidelined until I get the new engine installed (4.1 Turbo). Stay tuned. Look for the GN with GTA wheels, 12 inch discs and Z34 hood louvers around December.

Mark Stewart
Good day Mark. Just scrolled thro old post in Turbo Buicks forum from 2001. I am trying to set up a registry for as many of the 5,401 turbo Buicks made in 1984 as I can find. Up to 292.

If you still have your ’84 let me know and I will reply with the latest update in PDF format and tell you what I am all about.

Phil Errett

’84 GN owner

Bone stock and I am OK with that!!!!!!!!!!!