ALRADCO Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Sale ends tonight. Feel free to spread the word . Thank you.
They were expensive I have one in one of my cars. Great fitting piece. It's been years but I'm pretty sure they were 600? Maybe.
Yeah seems like it was around 500 it was a good radiator I just the cold Case radiator from full throttle though my tuner says it does work just as well
Only 389$

Temps on the car we’re perfect until the front mount . every time I do a front mount end up having to get a new radiator
Found it. 595 shipped july 10, 2018 when I got bent over
Damn this Guy took $595 Dollars from you and he is never to be heard from again.Does any one know what happened to him Pete seemed like such a great guy and Vendor,was going to get a Radiator and Fan Setup then he was gone several PM,s never an Answer.No Activity on Facebook or Instagram in Years.
Life happens its all good. i still have one of his radiators in my car and love it. he also hooked me up with a replacement radiator cap at zero cost when i thought i was having an issues with it. Hope hes doing ok.
Have one in my car as well ... haven’t had any issue. Was considering purchasing another for my other car but looks like I am too late