Alradco HID kit - HI and LO beams all 4 with all wiring, ballasts, etc


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For Sale, Alradco HID kit for all 4 lights. This I believe is the 4300k kit, white light, very bright.
I had this on my car for the last 2 years, only in use about 8 months since my car has been down for the last 14 months with a blown motor. I decided to go with the black out look with the black face LEDs. All wires and connections are labeled as when I received this kit new, there was no instructions on how to wire up. Does not require any cutting or splicing, just a few ground connections, and connects to back of altenator, inline fuses already wired in. All plugs and lights are labeled also.
I have the original box/packaging these came in also.
$125 plus shipping.


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Sold??? Not really gonna talk too much chit over this but I never got a reply to my pm asking for PayPal address etc.. then it's a "whoever PayPal's" first sort of thing? Cool. Your stuff to sell I guess.

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To clarify people.. 2quik6 did reply to my pm and I never got a notice from the board.. not into bad mouthing members.. I should have checked in sooner I guess. All good.

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np, as mentioned in the PM, notifications from this board have not worked for me for PMs or thread replies since it converted formats several years ago. Sorry about that. When selling on-line it usually is who ever pays first as I've had many folks say they want stuff and never pay and in the mean time, miss other potential buyers. From my standpoint, I did not know you had not seen the PM.