I don't see where Nick is "hikacking" anything, he is just stating that he has a product available. As Spoolfool has stated, he has been trying to get ahold of Alradco for over 2 years, how many of you could wait that long to get a part???
Don't trash on Nick as he is just stating he has a product available for those who can't wait.
I believe those are Cold Case, owned by the same company that sells Pypes exhaust. They are available on the Web at many shops. Some priced better than others. From what I can tell, they don't have the oil cooler built in. Trans lines would need minor mods too. Not sure if the Cold Case are chinamade. No where on their website do they say made in America. I haven't seen anyone on the board give any feed back on their performance or quality of construction, Airadco has proven results. The question is when will they be available again. Disclaimer, I have neather, I run a heavy stock replacement.
Yeah maybe this time hijack is a little extreme, but this isn't the first time it has happened.
Nick - Any issues with fitting this radiator/fans with a RJC 315 front mount?

Finally installed a rad/fan unit on a GN with the RJC front mount.

And your thoughts ?
Fit, clearances, etc. ?

Last week we tried to install this fan/alum rad in another GN last week with different make of FM intercooler.

To fit this fan/rad combo in that GN, we would have needed to cut and weld the TC pipes to clear the fans.

Our fans are installed right up to the edge of the alum radiator core with no gap.
From Cold Case website:

Note this statement/picture from above link: *You will need to modify part of the radiator support in order for this radiator to fit. See picture above.*

Are these supposed to be the same as Alradco? Did they buy them out? I see they have oil and tranny lines which my Alradco does not and I think most of us run auxiliary coolers these days, especially if you are upgrading the cooling anyway.