Alternative lubes for SMC


Whistlin' on by. Wossshhh
May 29, 2001
Anyone using anything other that Klotz lube with denatured in their SMC kits. I recently moved and misplaced my bottle of Klotz.

I've heard some use Marvel Mystery oil. Will that work ? Any other ideas ?

*** And yes, John, I know you haven't used lube in your kit for years and it still works :D

SMC recommends the klotz. Tho for some time before klotz was used, marvel mystery oil and WD40 were used.

It has to do with how the lube is suspended in the alcohol.

So if you want to run an emergency lube, wd40 will do.

I just use a 5 second blast of WD40. Been doing that for 2 years so it must be doing something :)
I don't think the type of oil used is terribly important. It is not used to take heat out or supress detonation. It is just used to cut down the corrosiveness of the alcohol.

An article a friend of mine gave me from a Circle Track magazine from January 1984 suggested using synthetic oil. It said to use 1/2 cup for 20 gallons. That is a ratio of 1 to 160 or about 0.6% oil to alcohol. I have mixed it that way for quite awhile and it is not like mixing oil in gasoline for 2 cycle. You don't smell it or anything and you will not know it is even in the alcohol.