aluminum pulleys


No longer a Buick guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 13, 2001
hey were can i get solid aluminum pulleys maybe ones with holes but not the razors i need altanator, crank, power steering thanks guys
Squid4life said:

RJC's are the nicest I have seen, and he makes some good stuff for our cars. I am not sure if these are what you were talking about when you say "razors" but these are what I would run, if I had the dough!
Those are the razors he's talking about, he basically wants stock pulleys just made from alloy not steel. I wouldn't mind those either actually but money needs to go to things that go, not things that shine.
Race Jace makes all of his pulleys from aluminum alloy, and has them in either the razor cut,(lightest), or the solid desing, either polished aluminum or black anodized. I just installed mine last week, and they are killer. Contact Jason. You will not regret it. I did mine in solid design, not in the razor cut, and I did the crank pulley in factory design, so i can retain the factory fan.