An idea on how to reach hard to reach bolts/nuts with PB Blaster

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I had trouble reaching some header bolts on my '69 Vette due to the air conditioner compressor was in the way of two bolts....I needed to get some PB Blaster on this is the way I was able to get the fluid to the bolts, as the can was way too big to get down into the engine bay.

Get some small tubing like the ones used in the hospital for patients breathing oxygen.....I got mine by going up to the ICU unit, looking for someone about 5 seconds from kicking the bucket, ripped off the tubing, and ran like a scaled GN on full boost out the door.

The tubing is the right diameter to fit over the little red plastic "thingy" that you use to spray out the penetrating oil...
The smaller tubing I had to use a heat shrinkable tubing to joint the ends together.

Get yourself a chop stick, or a longer rod (I used an old umbrella stalk) and tape the tubing to the rod with the end of the tubing a little out from the end of the rod. Then put the tubing over the red "thingy", as shown, tape it up, then use the rod to guide the tubing to the hard to reach bolts.....when you can touch the bold with the tubing, use the PB Blaster to get the bolts.....the rod keeps the tubing stiff and straight (like my neck) and makes getting to hard to reach bolts a piece of cake.

The other one shown is a smaller tubing on the umbrella rod.....this is used for when you need to REACH UP from underneath the car to a hard to reach bolt/nut....the smaller tubing here allows the fluid flow well in an upwards direction.

Both of these worked so well for me that I decided to share this idea with you guys....a can of PB Blaster is really hard to get into tight spaces under the hood...with this rod/tubing method, you can practically reach any bolt/nut you want to spray with penetrating oil.

Hope you guys can used this idea.

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i'ven ever met a bolt that i couldn't get the foamy PB Blaster to with the straws that come taped to the can.. sometimes you gotta "spray and pray", but if you coat everything in the vicinity you will get it where you really want it..