another dumb question


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Will the 700r4 bolt up to the GN. I never even thought about it until someone offered me one for a favor. Is it worth taking up space in my garage to have as a backup. Oh yea , I just found out that I will be commuteing 120 mi. round trip to work for the next year or two. Later.......Danny
Don't think they offer 700's in a BOP housing pattern, thus it won't bolt to the back of the engine. Someone makes adapter plates to do this but I am not expereinced in that area. HTH's -Chuck.
It's really not a suitable back-up transmission.

Besides the bellhousing issue, which is the easiest part to overcome, the mount is in a different location, your dipstick won't work and you'll need a shorter driveshaft too.
No.....Final answer...:)LOLOL

And..................No question is dumb if you dont know the answer. Thats why you ask......

I was just kind of hopeing you guys were going to tell me about a year and model that used the dual pattern bell houseing. I know it was done on the 200r4, but could'nt remember if it ever happened with the 700. Thats why it was a dumb question. I'm getting too old to remember ...............Remember..............remember. See there, it just happened again. I allready forgot what I was trying to tell you that I could'nt remember. Oh just bury me out in the back yard under the old maple tree. What were we talking about anyway?Later....Danny