Another first kill

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Aug 3, 2007
Well a month into ownership and playing catch up on 20 yr old hey im a N/A chevy guy well anyway a few aftermarket goodies, alot of vac leak chasing, head scratching, tool tossing, question posting..ok enough of that ya ll been there.

well got it die'ld in and took it out for little alot of spin in fact thats all i been doing today trying to find my sweet launch.

Pulled upto light and what pulls up next to muh? a brand new sticker in the window vette, no Z06 but i'll take whats givin to me.

Anyway Bif and his bride snubbed the old nose at me, bif tied his sweater a little tighter around his neck then the light turned green and as i gave one last look in my rearview i seen his face turn red.

Man what and im a vette guy..LOLOLOLOL
lol must to felt good and weird at the same time. man i love these cars great kill.

friend of mine has a z06 and ive put about 1000 miles on it, hardest pulling beast at 4000 rpm ive ever been in but i knew this guy didnt have a clue, he just had extra 50k to spend.

but a win is a win eh