Another Mach 1 Mustang and my GN


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May 13, 2004
A few blocks over, there resides an orange Mach 1 Mustang. I’m not sure of the mods, but I do know that he at least has exhaust and a 5-speed.

I pull my GN into the driveway to work on it, and quite a bit of traffic passes my way. Because of this, I tend to see the same cars frequently. The orange Mach 1 is one of them. He has (or should I say, used to have) the habit of slowing down and revving at me as he passed. More often that not, I was right in the middle of something and just kept on working.

Not this time. I had just started the GN and got out to check the tire pressure. Here comes the Mach 1 and the revs started. This time would be different. I pulled out and was able to quickly catch him at the next light, but it was one lane so nothing there. He took off with a little wheel spin, but I just hung back.

I tried to get next to him for a while, but he was trying to stay in front of me. Ahead was the entrance to the interstate. He took the entrance, and I gave chase.

At the end of the on ramp, at about 35 mph, I heard him downshift and prepare to take off. I pulled it down into second, but did not build any boost. When I heard his exhaust scream, I hit it too. I then almost immediately hit him. I quickly changed lanes, got back on the gas and put about 5 cars on him. By this time, we were approaching the next exit. This has been only about ¼ mile. He took the exit, and I haven’t seen him or the car since. Maybe he sold it.
Maybe it is in the shop getting some spray and a tune .......... :rolleyes:
After that he'll sell it and buy a TR. :biggrin:
nice kill, glad to hear about our classic muscles still murdering the technology of todays automobiles, :biggrin: they should know not to mess with grandmas car!
Yeah, He went back to put more mods on

He felt bad after seeing what they can really do. Alot of guys hear about them and know they will loose, but some really think they can take us. Nice kill