antifreeze in pcv valve

what does...

your oil look like? Is it present inthe oil? If so don't start the motor. May have blown the intake gasket, lifted the head, or blew the hd/g out towards the lifter valley.:eek:
antifreeze through pcv gasket

the oil looks pretty good , no coolant there, just coolant on top of motor,replaced pcv gasket and there is no more coolant leaking but where did the coolant come from in the first place?
I assume you are talking about the rubber grommet when you say gasket. If antifreeze is coming from there then you have problems. It could have come from the small coolant hose on the passenger side, near the front of the intake.
As Steve Gully suggests, take a close look at the hard coolant lines, and fitting between those lines and the intake manifold. If coolant leaks from there it will run along the top of the intake manifold towards the rear of the engine. You may want to check it while engine is both hot and cold.
pcv antifreeze

thanks for the replys,and i will check out those coolant lines that run past the pcv valve,it is possible they are leaking down on top of the pvc valve.
pcv antifreeze

my was a small coolant line that was leaking. thanks for everyones looked like it was coming from the pcv valve but it was just running past it.