any hillbilly buicks?



i know that zap character, then my86turbot signs my paychecks[altho i dont see how he could write on something that small!] then my old 84t and 81 regal gs350 gom. any other regals in wv?
I spent a little over 12yrs in Charleston... Moved to VA in 93 (got tired of getting layed off every ~5months). I go back maybe once a year to visit family and such..

Next time Im up maybe we could meet up and grab a burger or something.

Used to be some decent cars in KC around the mall but the cops had pretty well squashed any cruising/racing by the time I left the state. Used to be good buds with Dave at Daves Machine shop on the west side. He drove a maroon ~79 Malibu with weld draglites, and 1BADBU on the tag. Havent seen him in years though.

Take care..
dave's machine shop

he has his own place now on central ave. fake gn and all. i read on one of your posts something about a redneck a 4x4 and coors. see ya this summer! where did you live again! lol colder n #ell here now but not any snow to brag about. whats it like down there?