Anybody gonna bid on this??

I beleive that is the same car I seen at the Vegas event, very very nicely done, was trying to get the bugs worked out at the time, I'm not sure how it is running now, but I'm sure he has the bugs worked out now.

Sure. We're all going to bid on it. we're just waiting for the smoke to clear. We wouldn't make out the check to the wrong person.
maybe it wont sell and arfy will have to sell it back to bruce for the same amount?

i hate to see this soap opera, i already know its going to get cancelled after this season:rolleyes:

ive yet to see bruce speak on the subject, maybe im blind and didnt see the threads?

It is his right to plead the 5th on the subject on the grounds that speaking may incriminate him ;)
A simple ,truthful explanation is all thats needed ,is that to much to ask?
Make a post or put a car on ebay ,its a public auction ,why avoid any ?'s Why lock threads ?
Nick says get a life ,well guess what this is my hobby and part of my life .Take a darveset and calm down Nick , no forum rules were broken .Take a good look at accusations made on this board ,48hrs we will know, (not about this 1BADGN) that go without any explanation , there is a pattern of starting something and then just droping ,deleting or locking it .who and what are they hideing ?

It is the EXACT same auction!!! How f#cking stupid does he think everyone on here is?!? Look at the sellers. It is the only thing that is changed between the auctions. Bruce and Arffy get called out on the first auction as the bullsh!tters they are and then confirm all the allegations by starting another auction for *BRUCES* car. You guys have the ethics of a cockroach. And you expect people on here to do business with you?!?

Oh Oh...Ive done it now....I've posted the truth....Someone come riding in to the rescue and delete my post or better yet, the whole thread. Maybe my reply will stay up for , let's say....48 HOURS!!!
uh oh! members are reading things here they shouldn't be!! The truth is out.....where's Nick with the delete key?:D
Why doesn't someone contact e-bay and express your concerns.

I was selling some Peter Max artwork and someone else was selling the same item. He had 10 bids HIGHER than my reserve but never met his reserve BUT I NEVER got a single bid on mine. Sounds like shell bidding to me. I asked e-bay and sure enough - so they banned him. Now wouldn't THAT be a kicker - Bruce getting banned. If nothing else, e-bay can tell you if the original sale went through because Bruce would have had to pay a commission.

Originally posted by onefastjackass
Seams kinda messed up doesn't it.Somethings wrong very wrong!!

Yep! maybe in 48 hours someone will provide an answer to the unwashed masses.........or then again maybe it will just get deleted.:D
What is the best guess on a true value for this car? Mark put in a big bid on it when he purchased it didn't he? Can it be parted out for 20 grand? No performance numbers for this beast??
$100K invested:rolleyes: for sale for $20K now for the second time in as many weeks with a different owner, but still in the same location as the first owner before the sale to the second owner? If you click on more pic's it takes you to the PTS site where its listed for $60K. 100K, 60K 20K again....this will be a blue light special soon.:D