Anybody running PTE TA series turbos?

Dr. Jeckel

New Member
Jul 29, 2003
Haven't heard anything about there TA 51,52,54 series turbos. I'd like to go bigger than the 49 and like the stock look and ability to use the stock actuator. Anybody have any opinons I'd like to here them. Thanks, James.
The stock actuator has nothing to do with TE or TA series turbos.

Both can use it.

Stock looking is the bolt on inlet bell of the TA series vs. the molded inlet bell of the TE series.

Other than TA51's and TA52's you don't hear much about the others.
Well I was really trying to get some feed back as to why you don't hear or see anybody using these, at least I haven't.
Is there something different about them. I was thinking about running the TA49 but if I can get a TA52 for the same price and have a little better top end then I'm all for it. Just don't want to spend alot of money on something that has a down side compared to say a TE44.
You do hear about the TA60, TA61, and TA62 turbos all the time.

The TA62 is similar to the PT54.

I had a TA62 I bought and had to make the inlet bell to fit it.

Big 3.5 inch inlet horn. :)

I'd look into the TA60 and TA61 if you are upgrading the torque converter too.
I am really trying to keep the stock converter in it for as long as possible since it is my everyday driver. I know I will probably reak down and do a 3000 stall sometime but I want to wait.
Thanks for the help.
Anything bigger than a 51 with the stock converter is going to have some serious lag. I have a pte 54 with a 3500 stall and wouldn't want anything less than the 3500. A buddy dyno'd his car with a ta 53 and put down around 400 hp and 525 torque at around 19 lbs of boost, but this was with GN1s. I put down a little over 400 and 545 torque with mildly ported steels and about 22-23 lbs of boost.

btw, don't be too afraid of the higher stall converters. I was afraid the 3500 would be too loose on the street, but to tell you the truth, I can barely tell its there. If its a daily driver, look at some of the high stall 9x11 converters with lockup.
Thanks....I had a yank 3500 on my LS1 car and that along with other things absolutely killed my gas mileage and that is one of the reasons I got this car. Fun with good gas mileage.