Anyone a Nissan mechanic or familar with Maximas?


Sexy MF Joe
Jun 1, 2001
Winter/commuter car is a 95 Maxima. 150k runs awesome, solid and 28mpg. Problem is that I'm getting water on the rear floor pans of it? It's got a sunroof and I'm thinking that the drain lines may be plugged up. With the sunroof open I can see 2 drain holes in the front corners of the sunroof, cannot see any rears though. I know I had a similar problem with my GN where the lines blocked up. Have any of you experienced this before?
Talked to my frind Rob (Nissan Mec Works on my pathfinder) He said use a small air line and blow the line back through.Bottom back out through the sun roof drain.He also check the rear door seal.
Good Luck