Anyone add a aftermarket cam to stock unported head combo and saw gain?



Just wondering if I would see any gain running an after market cam to stock unported heads with big turbo combo?
not consistent with conventional wisdom, but it's your $$$

the recipes work! Don't mess with Mother Nature.......
I asked because my friend has a 49/blue top combo. Later installed just a cam and gained a solid three tenths in the 1/8th mile and noticed a seat of pants power gain. If stock heads work well to low 11's why wouldnt just a cam swap show a gain since the turbo cam push gobs of air through the head anyway.
Maybe the new timing chain he installed [assuming?] with his new cam had something to do with the power gain?

Don't you think in the 15-16 years these cars have been around that LOTS of stuff has been tried? The "good stuff" now is circulated in the recipes from good guys willing to share their knowledge - and mistakes on what NOT to spend your $$$. The stock cam has gone into the 10's with proper parts and tuning.
Did he put new springs on at the same time??? If so, that is probably where most of the gain came from...
If he gained .3 but still had bluetops and a TA49, must not have been exploring the limits of the bluetops and the TA49 before the cam swap. Stock heads, cam and a TA49 can max out Bluetops fairly easily.

If the gain was from 11.5 to 11.2, I'd say "SHAZAM!!! what kind of cam is it?"

If the gain was from 12.2 to 11.9, I'd say "**YAWNNNN** he could have switched to 28" tires and saved himself a cam swap"
Seat if the pants.....yes. True gains from my 206/206, have no clue.:D
I got the advertised gain form the Lunati 200. In 1991 I put it in and went from 13.08 and 13.04@104 to 12.93@105.5. I did it over a period of two weeks. The first weekend I baselined the car, over the next week and weekend I installed the cam and drove it, on the third weekend I went to the track again. The weather was the same, it was in June in Florida and a threat to rain anytime on both weekends. The 13.08 and 12.93 runs were with near identical 60 foot times. Back then, it was my goal to run 12's in Saturday night street race trim, which for me was 93 octane, open dump pipe and Hoosier Quicktimes on.