Anyone ever...


May 3, 2005
logged driveshaft RPM into their Accel DFI? I have a Gen7 and would like to do this so I can track a problem with inconsistency I have been having.

My car is varying in the 60ft, and I can't tell if the tires are slipping, the converter is going or what.

One run it will go mid 1.3s in the 60ft and the other it will go mid 1.4s....the car carries the front end about 1.5ft in the air out about 40-50ft.

Downtrack the car is within a few thousands.

tracking driveshaft revolutions would tell me where exactly the problem is occuring or if have a problem with the converter or traction.

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.
You can use the accel datalogger /wideband to measure the DS speed. The software had alot of bugs in it, but it seems the new version, all of them are sorted out now. I would go with the 2 channel unit as it gives you more options later to turn things on an off based on mph, rpm, a/f ratio.
Hey Norbs thanks for the response.

I am not able to use my gen7 and input the single to it? I have to get another stand alone unit?:confused:

I really hate to have to spend GOBS more money to track this problem down. It might be cheaper to just send in the converter and have it checked out.

Let me know what you think.
Any chance your front tires are sometimes bouncing on the landing and the 1.4's come when the 60' lights get tripped by the back tires? Just wondering, cause a real 0.1 sec difference in 60' would show up as at least a 0.15 sec difference in 1/4 mile et and you say that downtrack the car is consistent to within thousandths.
good call ijames

i know he says its only carrying front 1.5ft up which isnt nearly as high as in the pic ...but it only takes a coupe inches to clear the beams , in his pic you can clearly see the car is capable of clearing the 60' beams , the front wheels up coming past the 60 marker cubes

would be nice though to have vss inputted somewhere , thats the one thing i miss logging with fast classic