Anyone fabbed up their own alky kits?

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What all do you need to accomplish this? The alcohol has to be injected at a fuel injector type pressure right (@ 45 psi) right? SO this would mean using a fuel pump out of an EFI car correct? What about using nitrous nozzles for the spray?I was thinking of using the washer fluuid resevoir for a tank. Does alcohol have any adverse effect on your paint (say if I actually wanted to use the wiper spray)?
allky kit

The EFI pumps were not designed to run alky, will break down after a while, same for the injectors. As for using your washer tank as dual purpose----NO
I say if you have an autozone near you, buy the e-2000 pump which has a lifetime warranty. Take it back when it fails and you are all set. Only conceivable problem is it failing in the middle of a run...:eek: :eek:
Care to elaborate as to why not washer tank? Eats paint? I thought I read somewhere that some guy used a pump from a late 70s Ford pickup or something. Strike a bell?
I think Lee just meant not to use the WW tank as "dual purpose". I'd hate to be the guy behind you on a Motorcycle smoking a cigarette or something when you squirt flammable liquid out and over your car! :eek:

No, the alky won't hurt your paint... I've had, ummm, occasion to, er, "test" this (oops!). Would imagine it strips the wax and stuff off nicely, though!

I use the pump mentioned above and the WW tank as the reservoir. Even add a little blue food coloring to the alky to be more "stealthy". I am using NOS nozzles (two) on my GN, but they are hard to tune. Couldn't get the amount of alky my WE4 required to atomize properly through it's NOS nozzles, so I converted over to SMC alky kit equipment. All I can say is WOW! I have since ordered some for my GN! :)