Anyone good with legal documents? I need some help


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Oct 14, 2003
I have run into a small problem and could use some help, I have a small vending machine buisness and placed a machine in a bar and grill yesterday. Well today I get a call from the owner and he told me that he is glad to have the machine in his facility, but he needs a document saying that he is not responsable if someone were to choke on something out of the machine (peanut or something). I talked to some friends and they told me that he wouldnt be liable but I would still like to get something to make him happy (plus he said I could put one in the other bar he owns) I have placed machines in about 20 different locations and have never had someone ask me this yet so I just dont know how to go about doing it, my friend told me to just type something up and give it to him but I am curious if some could write something up for me that has experience in this I know it doesnt have to be long but I just want it to look professional, if I can get something I am going to give him a copy and get some stickers made to place one the machine.

If anyone knows how to do this I could paypal them a couple of bucks for there time,

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Dont know! But I do suggest some standard disclaimer on your machines... seems to me that someone could argue that YOU giving him a pass implies you accept responsibility. Not sure if thats your intention with the sticker.

Yeah, its not likely but think back to the Wendy's chili thing.

Realizing a disclaimer on a vending machine isnt customer friendly I dont know if its a "good" idea or not. Is there insurance against lawsuits for this sort of crap?

I need some peanuts...
Pull the machine U dont need the hastle. I sounds like the proprietor is going to bust um for u. I use to own a bar for a few years and I got tired of dealing with this crap.... good luck

ps did u try to contact the company that sold u the machines.

maybe he has stickers for the machine disclaimers