Anyone here like Trans Ams..........


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Dec 7, 2002
I dearly love GNs and TR cars, but I also love 2nd generation trans ams. Especially the 79 10th anniversary! I owned one of these and it was a 403 auto. I would like to find another nice 2nd generation t/a. Anybady have any in your neighborhhod for sale? If you ever run across a nice car please let me know ok.
Thanks Ty:cool:
Im a bigger fan of the 1st gen's :) but a few of the early 2nd gens were cool.
Obviously i have a soft spot for the ls1 TA's :)
Obviously, you missed my thread with the 9700 mile 80 Pace Car for sale.....;) Not a big block, but was pristine.....She's in Baton Rouge, LA now.....

If you want, email me the particulars of what you want, color, transmission choice, miles, and budget, and I'll keep it in mind for you. Also let me know when you would like to make a purchase just never know....:D
no I saw your thread.............

Just didnt care much for that Particular car (1980 turbo) I am always looking for a nice 10th anni or real low mile 78-79. Prefer 4 speed. I want to buy late summer so I can pay cold hard $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and no loan. I am saving about 1000.00/ month so I should be able to get a nice car.

Em,ail me at when you begin your search. Also, if you want to email me your phone number, I'll give you a call if I ever get anything in that meets your needs. I love those cars too and can't pass them up when they're truly nice.

i had the 79 anniversery also with the 403 auto with dual gate shifter. that was a bad ass ride and somtimes i wish i still had it. although people say they were dogs mine ran 14.7 , obviously my turbo t is a lot quicker but that trans am was very respectable for that time in my opinion.:D
those t/a's would respond well to some mods.

Nothing like a TR but then again what does:D

With about 1500.00 a guy can get a 2nd gen t/a into the low 13s:)
never did any mods to it except for straight dual exhaust.oh yea, i swapped the 241 posi to a 355 posi and it slowed it down a tenth of a second. go figure:D
I like my 403 T/A

I'm having the engine rebuilt right know because the first builder forgot to put the oil gallery spitter plug in so the cam/distributor gear got lubed. I'm going to put a Ultradyne cam in with slightly smaller specs and expect it to do the same or better in the 1/4.
I love the 80 Turbo TA kinda a pig, however my buddy owned one and it was fast as hell, must have got a good one. I also would love to own a 89TTA yea thats it, park it next to my White T-Type i want and the white BMW i want, oh yea and the Black 69 SS Chevelle. ;)
Tell your wife..........................

to get 2 or 3 more jobs and you can have all that! How was your day in the "Ford Garage"?
My buddy might be selling his. Absoulutley stunning 77 T/A. Somewhere around 80k on it. I would have to check, but I am pretty sure his step-dad bought it used in 78. It has about 5k on a new GM 502/502 and built TH400. He put countless hours into the paint and body on it. He was a great painter... now a heavy equiptment operator. It's black, nice chrome on it, T-tops. Looks amazing. I am going to say he is probably going to want around 15,000 for it? He probably drove it 500 miles last year, has no time for it. He got a Yamaha R1:rolleyes:

If you want more info, I could talk to him to get specifics.
If you like T/A's and turbo Buicks your natural choice is the 1989 Turbo T/A. What's not to like about it? Best of both worlds!
Re: Tell your wife..........................

Originally posted by JOHNDEEREGN
to get 2 or 3 more jobs and you can have all that! How was your day in the "Ford Garage"?

Filled with Mutants!!!!!!

We are having issues with the 4.6 head leak.
The police car recall for the steel plate by the tank so they do not blow up and normal customers want to know why they cannot get the recall done for free like the police.

And like any shop, just getting the help motivated and keeping the place moving all day is a bitch. I have 20 Techs, 3 service Advisors, 4 parts people, a parts manager, 2 lot lizards and a cashier.

It keeps you busy all day, plenty of people to patch up all day:eek:
YES I KNOW...............................

I am the salesmanager for a group of john Deere dealerships in Kansas. I have several employees I am in charge of as well as advertising, demo's, sales meetings, etc. Most of the time I am going bonkers:mad:
love those second gen T/A's. i have owned 4 of them, all with different engines. the best was the pontiac 455, the slowest was the 301 turbo. but they were all easy as heck to work on and soup up. and handling was very good. great cars.
Love the T/A's!!!

Favorite would be the '73 SD455. I liked that nose better, oh yea, Brewster Green too!

I also like the forgotten Anniversary car.... the 1984 15th Anniv w/ the L69 and 5sp. It was the first T/A to have 16" rims and you don't see many around anymore.:cool:
In the early 80's I owned 2 black TA's. A '77 and '79. Girl gettin' cars back then. Didn't the '79 car come with a pontiac 400 if you got the 4 speed?

I built a '78 TA for a guy a few years back. 455, 13 heads, ported and polished, nodular crank, MSD, TCI, etc. Torque monster! it went 12.70's first pass at the track. He ended up buying a GN and parked the TA... never driven again. Jim Bultler help me pick and choose the parts for that car. He's a Pontiac guru