Anyone here like Trans Ams..........

I had a 70 1/2 400/4spd TA. Loved it!

Gotta do alot of bracing to the bodys to make them solid (doesn't that sound familiar) but they looked about as good as it got!
I was always AMAZED at how well an old heavy car like that handled.
Favorite would be the '73 SD455. I liked that nose better, oh yea, Brewster Green too!
I had a '73 T/A in 1973-81 Brewster Green, 455, TH400, A/C, AM/FM, 8-track, Honeycomb wheels, delux interior-saddle, etc.
I have a pix of it on my webpage in my sig below.
pics of my 70 1/2 on my pic page in sig, It's small but it's the only one I had digitized
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I had a '73 T/A in 1973-81 Brewster Green, 455, TH400, A/C, AM/FM, 8-track, Honeycomb wheels, delux interior-saddle, etc.
I have a pix of it on my webpage in my sig below.

Sweet SD Glenn, and the others ain't too shabby either! Like the 4 speeds, huh?!:D :D

A good friend of mine who dealt with Fords stumbled upon a '74 SD455 Formula back in 1986. Super rare car with like 58 built. His was Buccaneer Red with TH400. He sold it after 6 months for a loss right during the musclecar downswing. I think he got $8500 for it.:(
I had an 81 TA T-Top Body with a 78 400 transplant.
It was about a 15 second car in the 1/4.

Was also brought to the local roundie track street
spectaor drags. Did pretty well for a heavy weight with stock

PRONTO is going to sell his 79 after the 2nd motor rebuild.
Originally posted by JOHNDEEREGN
I dearly love GNs and TR cars, but I also love 2nd generation trans ams. Especially the 79 10th anniversary! I owned one of these and it was a 403 auto. I would like to find another nice 2nd generation t/a. Anybady have any in your neighborhhod for sale? If you ever run across a nice car please let me know ok.
Thanks Ty:cool:


my first car was a 79 tenth TA that i purchased out of a barn when i was 14 years old!!!
silver on silver with mirrored t-tops leather and the charcoal dash :)
the block had frozen, and i had to rebuild the engine, trans and rearend cause the car had been sitting for 4 years-
my dad handed me the service manual and said--.... there your go, now fix it :)
3 years later i purchased an additional 10TH TA and drove it just cause i loved them TA'S!!! these were both automatics with the 403 :(

my first year out of highschool i found a four speed tenth, and it only had 33K on it-
i thought i was top dog owning 3 TENTHS at one time and only being 18 years old LOL-
cutting grass and painting houses is what allowed me to purchase all those cars.

those cars were pretty cool, kinda miss my dads 73 ta and my old 70 blue on blue car :(

i sold all 3 tenths and purchased my first 20TH TA, and never looked back :cool:
my first car was an 80' TTA. the 301T was burned up so i put a 350 chevy in it. i used to live and breathe ta's like i do tr's now. i have yet to find an affordable early 70's model though. that would be my DREAM car next to a GNX:D 70 1/2 RA IV- 4 speed.. lucerne blue.. thats the ticket! my whole family have always been poncho guys. there are 18 firebird/GTO's in my family! my immediate family has firebirds of :
a little excessive... yes. BTW.. 79 TRANS AM for sale!!!! solid, straight body. needs restored. $1600!! not really what you're lookin for, but its a good resto project.
damn, all this talk about t/as is kinda got me missing my 0ld 79 gold t/a. maybe ill sell my turbo t and get another one. naaaaa :D
My friend has a 78 Trans Am.

We always go out cruising together. :cool:

I need to take some pictures of the car together when the weather isn't so ****ty. :(
In the early 80's I had 2 friends with 79 T/A's, one a charcoal grey with 406 auto and the other was black and gold 10th anniv with a 400 and a 4 speed. The guy with the black one told me the 4 speed cars got the last of the Pontiac 400's and the auto cars got the 403 Olds engine. One day, the guy with the black one tossed me the keys and said to take a spin for a while. Woo Hoo!! I showed no mercy. It was my first time to drive a powerfull car with a stick :eek: and I had a blast! I'll never forget that day!
I know a guy that ruined one of those 79 anniversary cars.First he took out the nice silver/red 2-tone interior and put black run o the mill TA stuff in it then he painted it Teal green,then because he can't drive wrecked it.This car had a 400 Pontiac with 4-speed manual trans from the factory and he replaced it with a 350 and TH400 from another bird because he could'nt drive a stick or rebuild a motor properly.Through all of this I begged him not to do any of it but he had is mind made up.Damn shame but what can you do.He is a nice guy, but still deserves to be crucified IMO.