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New to the list and my apologies if this is in the wrong area - I bought out the remnants of ATR (a Buick Aftermarket Firm) several years ago and just ran across these Grand national Turbo Oil Drain Tubes - Both short and long Tubes available - IF anyone is interested shoot me a note - 25.00ea.


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It belongs in the parts for sale section.

Thanks for joining the site just to pedal your parts.

I'm guessing you will disappear like a fart in the wind if and when you run out of things to sell.
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Since you are selling these for a profit maybe you should contact the admin and pay for advertising here

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I wouldn't worry about him making a profit as he won't get more the five bucks for them.

There are non rusting aluminum and anodized ones with gaskets on flea bay for less than half of what he's trying to get for that junk.
25 bucks says you will never see him post again.

If you're gonna hang your ass out there like that you should expect it to get kicked for trying to insult our intelligence.

Maybe he'll stick to Corvair farming from now on.