Art Carr shift kit


Lone Wolf
May 24, 2001
Mrs. Santa Claus gave me an Art Carr shift kit for my GN for Xmas.

I will be installing it in the next few weeks.

Anyone ever done one of these? Is it difficult?

I think I read that one guy on this board said he would NOT use one of the larger springs but I don't recall which one or why you would not use all the parts in the kit.

Anyone know which spring and why?
I did....

Very easy and well performing kit. Just do not use the tight wound heavy green tv spring. It will cause late shifts at moderate throttle and 3-4 is usually late. For the dollar and result, this kit is the simplest and most rewarding. You can do it Nicky!!!!:D
Just did it

Lone Wolf,
I'm with Bruce, I just did my AC kit about 4 weeks ago and I was TERRIFIED at first, but if you promise to make yourself go slow and take your time you should have no trouble. One suggestion though, go ahead and read through ALL of the instructions before you begin. There are a few little things that are out of order. If you need anything or if I can help, send me an e-mail over at - BB:p

P.S. Make sure you install a Tranny drain plug if you haven't already done so and make sure you run a quart of extra fluid if you're running the stock pan.
Ok...I can do this!

I don't want to put a drain in my stock pan...want to keep it..well...stock.

Is there a good replacement for the stock pan?
Here you go,

W) Aluminium Pans Shallow Holds 2.8 qts ATF, weighs only 3.0 lbs, 2 3/4" deep, made from T6061 3/16ths sheet metal aluminum, heli-arc welded, drain plug bung welded in, "bottom feeder" performance filter stainless allen fasteners w/ stainless washers and a fiber pan gasket. perfect for street rods and lowered vehicles

X) Aluminium Pans Deep Holds 5.5 qts ATF, weighs only 4.0 lbs, made from T6061 3/16ths sheet metal aluminum, heli-arc welded, drain plug bung welded in, "bottom feeder" performance filter, stainless allen fasteners w/stainless washers, fiber pan gasket

Bottom Feeder Sumps
Available in Aluminum Shallow, Aluminum Deep, and Stock Pan. No CAVITATION. Sump is in Rear. TF Screen Filter Included
Sump for the stock pan?

Hey Bruce,
I called a while back and tried to get the sump for a stock pan and you said people were having trouble installing them. Are you still offering them? I'll probably get one of your shallow pans anyway, but for my pure stock GN, I'd like one in the stock pan.
If they're available, reply and I'll buy one Monday!
Thanks, CaptRob

I quit offering them because people were having trouble installing ( as they were tricky, however , I got all the ones we installed in without a problem.) on their cars. There is just very little room.
Now examine this..... I sell sump for $42.00. Now I am on phone for an hour explaining how to do this. Maybe once , maybe twice. Well right there no longer worth the trouble.
I am making a few for a couple guys... Nesbitt is one that comes to mind. Gimme call and we can work something out. :D