Assembly Lube


Morkai the Red
Nov 24, 2002
Does it matter what type of assembly lube you use in assembly? I know everyone says use cam lube on the pump rotor assembly, and trans jel for the regular stuff?

Well, I prob won't be able to pick up any trans jel this weekend, all I have is some moly engine assembly lube, it's grey/black and in a tube (it says to be used on cranks, cams, lifters, etc). This is what I used before, I was just wondering if it's alright, esp for the pump vanes/rotor?
I use Sealed Power cam lube which can be found at almost any
full service auto parts store and Wal-Mart's Equate brand of
petroleum jelly. I like the Equate because it is thicker than the
other brand. :)

Well, I'll be able to get some trans gel type lube now since I have to go get some parts. Is it really worth my while to buy extra cam lube, even when this stuff I have says it works for cams?